CA: 6NspJqVFceCiU5D1YgVq7waYoC394Vhqxwg7cSJdFtVE

In the medieval kingdom of Solania, there lived a peculiar monarch named King Frog. He wasn't your typical ruler—no. He was literally a frog. A rich af frog that is. Did he have gold you ask? No lol. He was all in $FROG.

With a royal decree, King Frog tasked Pepecasso, the most revered artist in the land, to design 10,000 Frog Cards. Each stroke of Pepecasso's brush infused these NFTs with unparalleled artistry and enchantment.

The king however did not like Pepecasso's obscene depiction of his beloved queen's body. So he ordered him to be executed. But hey you know what they say: A dead artist is better.